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    Business and Community Political Action Committee

    The Vacaville Chamber of Commerce Business and Community Political Action Committee (BAC-PAC) exists to encourage the active involvement of governmental affairs, keep the public informed, and to support/endorse issues and candidates with local impact. BAC-PAC takes an active role in local elections and hosts Candidate Forums to give our members and the community the opportunity to learn more about each of the candidates so they can make a knowledgeable decision on which one to support at election time.

    Meet our BAC-PAC Committee:


    Mike Fortney, Placer Title – BAC-PAC Chairman

    Andy Anderson, Honorary Member

    Steve Spencer, Gateway Reality

    Amit Pal, PG&E

    Randy Dawson, Premier Commercial

    Dallas Jackson, Jackson Medical Supply

    Ed Forrest, Bank of America

    Katheryn Tuberty, Farmers Insurance

    Brett Johnson, NorthBay Healthcare

    John Pierson, Rancher

    Joanie Erickson, Kaiser Permanente


    For more information contact Mike Fortney at mfortney@placertitle.com