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  • Travis Regional Armed Forces Committee

  • If you have ever been curious about the mission at Travis Air Force Base and to learn beyond stories occasionally printed in our local newspapers? If you have answered YES to that question, then you must consider joining the Travis Regional Armed Forces Committee (TRAFC). Your Chamber membership with the Vacaville Chamber of Commerce or any Solano County Chamber enables you to join TRAFC.


    TRAFC is now in its 17th year and was originally formed from the Solano County Armed Services Committee and the Military Affairs Committee of the Fairfield-Suisun and Vacaville Chambers of Commerce. It was designed to combine similar, but separate Travis Air Force Base support groups into a more effective regional voice.


    Under the auspices of the County’s Chamber of Commerce, TRAFC is the local community organization, which supports the men, women, and mission of Travis Air Force Base. Its membership is comprised of over 180 local business and civic leaders, including elected officials from throughout Solano County, the state, and federal governments. Its day-to day administration is shared by the Fairfield-Suisun and Vacaville Chambers of Commerce. The committee is governed by an all-volunteer 18 member board of directors. The organization meets monthly at the Travis AFB Delta Breeze Club dining facility. At these monthly meetings, the group receives updates on Travis activities from the base’s Commanders from the 60th Air Mobility Wing, the 349th Air Mobility Wing, and the 621st Contingency Response Group.


    Throughout the year, TRAFC hosts events to honor the men and women of Travis AFB. Besides the involvement in various Travis AFB events, TRAFC holds an annual Commander’s Night, NCO Night, Military Recognition Night, and the ever important Contractor’s Breakfast for business on “How to do business with Travis Air Force Base.”


    In the past, the organization’s members visited congressional leaders in the Nation’s capital to seek support for military construction projects, military benefit’s, equipment improvement, and additional missions. The organization also leads efforts to achieve necessary support from local governments, agencies, and businesses on matters crucial to the base and its operations.


    In short, TRAFC is the community’s eyes, ears, and voice for the people of Travis AFB. Membership is available exclusively to Solano County Chamber of Commerce members with annual dues of just $135. Consider joining the Travis Regional Armed Forces Committee today and support the men and women of Team Travis! Call the chamber at

    707-448-6424 and sign-up today!


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