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About Us

Our Mission

The Vacaville Chamber of Commerce provides influential leadership, relevant education and diverse resources to businesses and our community to improve the economic prosperity of Vacaville.

The Vacaville Chamber of Commerce - making business stronger, together!

Who are the Chamber's Members?

The Vacaville Chamber of Commerce is a business membership organization representing over 500 businesses and tens of thousands of employees in Vacaville and the surrounding area. The members reflect a cross-section of businesses of all sizes. Most types of goods, services, professionals and industries are represented, including the public and non-profit sectors.

Check out our Chamber Members Business Directory.

What services and programs does the Chamber provide to improve my business?


If you're a business owner in Vacaville, we've got some great news for you. The Vacaville Chamber is here to help you tackle any operational issues that might come up along the way. We offer a wide range of resources, from networking events and local marketing opportunities to access to business advisors and educational forums. Plus, our leadership programs can help take your business to the next level.

We also host workshops and programs that provide valuable education to help you run your business more effectively. And if you're interested in staying up-to-date on policy issues, our Business Issues Forums give you access to some of the top experts in the field.

So why not become a member of the Vacaville Chamber today and discover all the benefits we have to offer? We can't wait to help your business thrive!

What does the Chamber do to improve the climate for business?

The Vacaville Chamber has several initiatives in place to improve the overall business climate in their community. Here are a few examples:

Advocacy: We often act as a voice for local businesses, advocating for policies that will promote economic growth and create a favorable business environment. They work with local government officials and other community leaders to develop policies that support businesses and attract investment.

Networking: We provide networking opportunities that allow businesses to connect with each other and with potential customers, suppliers, and partners. These events can take the form of breakfasts, luncheons, after-hours mixers, and other types of gatherings.

Education and Training: We often offer educational and training opportunities to help businesses improve their skills and stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies. This can include seminars, workshops, and other types of programs.

Marketing and Promotion: We promote their members' businesses through various marketing channels, such as social media, email newsletters, and print publications. They may also organize special events and promotions to help raise awareness of local businesses.

Community Development: The Chamber works to build a strong and vibrant community that is attractive to businesses and residents alike. This can involve supporting local initiatives and events, promoting tourism, and investing in infrastructure and amenities that make the area more attractive to businesses.

What if my business is out of town or I don't have time to participate?


That's fine too! Your business doesn't have to be located in Vacaville to belong to the Chamber or to do business with Vacaville residents and business owners. Wherever you're located, we'll still make referrals to your business.

The Chamber is also your local resource to keep up to date on local business news, available resources, policy updates, and fast and easy access to business advisors that are just a phone call away.

How can I become involved?


Join the Vacaville Chamber and get active. Attend events to meet fellow business leaders and policymakers. The opportunities are there if you invest to make a difference.

There are a number of Chamber Committees that Members can join. Check them out HERE.

Browse our Calendar of Events to discover how your business can take advantage of the many opportunities to reach new audiences, network, learn new skills, and get involved in the active business community.

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