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Lemonade Day

May 20th 2023

Lemonade Day Vacaville is working to empower today's youth to become tomorrow's entrepreneurs! Lemonade Day is an experiential, educational program for elementary and middle school age youth that introduces them to entrepreneurship and provides them with the opportunity to run a real business and make their own money. 

Registered youth receive free educational materials with lessons on setting a goal, creating a lemonade product, making a budget, finding an investor, choosing a location, building a stand, marketing their business, and ultimately creating a business plan for their first business...a lemonade stand!

Lemonade Day Vacaville is May 20, 2023. The Chamber is planning on hosting an in-person event that day when kids can set up their lemonade stands all throughout the city and make their own money. The average profit kids make on Lemonade Day in public areas is between $300-$500 with many of them making over $1000.  

The experience of Lemonade Day gives kids the ability to start and run a real-life business and benefit from the knowledge and confidence it provides. In addition, Lemonade Day teaches kids financial literacy. Studies have shown that parents should start teaching their children about financial literacy as young as age 3 and that by the time children are 9 years old, they have already established life views and habits on spending and saving money, and the value of money.

If in-person stands are not possible by our Lemonade Day date, we have a great virtual event option in the form of a Business Pitch Competition. If you are interested in learning more about Lemonade Day, visit the official Vacaville Lemonade Day website. 

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